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These days, almost everyone owns a smart device, which we’re all heavily reliant on – be it a smartphone, iPad or even a tablet. This is partly due to how convenient these smart devices has made our lives – from calling and messaging friends and family; to using them to play music, watch videos, surf the Net and play video games. With the example of newer technologies like Whatsapp and Game Center, this smart technology has also brought us from an offline mobile gaming platform to an online one.

Since the early days, consumers have simply enjoyed the large amount of data usage offered – the ability to surf the Net, stream videos and even game for long hours while traveling and waiting. Now, however, with the limited data plans offered, many users are blasting over their data usage limits and paying more than they should, or can afford. There are rumours going around that apps might start charging more – in addition to data plan charges – that would make it more costly for consumers, which will in turn have a negative impact on developers.

Furthermore, because of the limited data offered, smart devices will no longer be utilised efficiently, especially in terms of work and studies. Nevertheless, consumers are still supportive, in hopes of getting more bang for their buck.

The new Internet service provider, MyRepublic, is working toward becoming the nation’s fourth telco, by offering larger and unlimited mobile data plans and better connectivity, as well as promising consumers net neutrality. As such, many have already begun to show their interest in supporting MyRepublic by registering on their website. Imagine the possibilities of unlimited data! With that, consumers will no longer have to worry about data charges, nor boredom due to limited data, nor the disruption of work or studies from waiting for the download of large nolvadex online


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