The Dos & Don’ts of a LAN Party


By now, most of you might already know what Just Play! (BYOC) LAN party is. For those who still doesn’t know, it is a LAN party that everyone will be eagerly waiting for on the 24, 25, 26 of June 2016, which is just months away! Limited seats are still available and the tickets are running hot! Head on here to register now. As there will always be new comers to our amazing event, we have already prep with our previous article on the “10 Must Bring Items to CGF Just Play! LAN Party”. Aside from that, there is always the Dos and Don’ts of a LAN party, so check the list below:

– Don’t leave your things lying around even though we have a lost and found.
– Don’t rage with vulgarities as spoiling of mood is not on the list of our amazing activities.
– Don’t litter the area of excitement for who wants to game in a place that smells.
– Don’t slam your keyboard or mouse for you might vandalise what is not yours even though the view of flying keys may deem interesting.

– Do get a bag to store your gears and equipment to prevent missing keys from a keyboard or losing your console controller on the way to the LAN party.
– Do be careful of placing your drinks. A sticky keyboard might not be what you have in mind but an army of ants you’ll find!
– Do engage in good sportsmanship to make yourself look more cool and respected.
– Do bring your friends along as the saying goes the more the merrier!purchase nolvadex


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