Samsung Disc League VR Mobile Challenge


Take part in the Samsung Disc League VR Mobile Challenge and compete to win a Samsung S8 and a Gear VR with controller!! Proudly presented by Campus Game Fest and sponsored by Samsung, interested participants are to stay tune to our CGF website or follow Campus Game Fest’s Facebook page to find out the roadshow’s location.

Take a sneak peak and find out how to play here:

How to take part:

  1. Visit one of the Campus Game Fest Roadshows to register for the challenge
  2. Play Disc League for free at our Samsung VR Gear experience booth
  3. Be the top scorer by the end of the day on the roadshow to qualify for the mobile challenge finals
  4. Winners of each roadshow will be invited to a final round to compete at Campus Game Fest on the 18th or 19th of November at ITE College Central

Rules of the game:

  • Players will be given 10 minutes to play the League Challenge
  • After 10 minute is up, facilitators will stop and players will be requested to exit game to view the game progression in percentage
  • The participant who can get the highest game progression percentage wins

Game mode

Single Player > League Challenge

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