Partner Feature: White Rabbit


Thank you for joining us in this year’s Campus Game Fest! What is White Rabbit take on this year?

We were with Campus Game Fest last year and it was an amazing event. Thus, this year we are back to support a good event organised by local team of passionate members for our younger generation.

What does White Rabbit has for the crowd in CGF?

We would like to give the young participants a taste of White Rabbit Candy in all the different flavours that we have to offer and hope that it will allow them to reminisce what they may have tasted while they were young.  Our motto is 白兔糖,从小吃到大.

Any thoughts for all the White Rabbit’s & CGF’s fans out there?

We greatly appreciate and would like to give thanks to the organiser for providing support to reach out to the CGF’s fan so that they can enjoy our new range of White Rabbit Candy while playing their favourite games.

White Rabbit brand is supporting the NDAC tournament this year, tell us more about your perspective towards this initiative.

White Rabbit supports healthy gaming and would like to promote this as a holistic hobby to the younger generation as well as to introduce the purpose & values that Campus Game Fest has for the young crowd.

Visit White Rabbit at their Website & Facebook to receive updates about them!Flomax without prescription


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