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Thank you for joining us in this year’s Campus Game Fest! What is Predator’s perspective on CGF this year?

This is the second year Predator joins in the Campus Game Fest. We are excited to continue being partners of the Campus Game Fest and is pleased to have the opportunity to reach out to the gaming community and engaging with them on this exciting route of eSports development.

What do Predator has for the crowd in CGF?

Predator is dedicated to PC gaming and has proven to provide quality technical specifications to the gaming community in the last 2 years. We are heavily invested in providing an entire product range of gaming hardware, from laptops to desktops to even gaming-engineered monitors.

We take pride in offering state of the art cooling technologies that make gaming a really cool experience. The all-metal Acer Aeroblade™ 3D Fan is a custom-engineered cooling hardware incorporated in all Predator laptops to provide a system that’s cooler and more capable to handle heavyweight games.

Any thoughts for all the Predator’s & CGF’s fans out there?

To all Predator and CGF fans out there, fight on, in this world of eSports! Nothing is far more precious than putting on a great fight with great gears.

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