Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


  • Deck lock, four different classes
  • Taking of screenshots is advised for the settlement of disputes
  • No backseat gaming is allowed
  • Players are to disallow spectators
  • The Chief Marshal will have the final decision in all matters
  • Paper and pen and deck trackers are banned
  • Closure of Registration and Deck Submission: 25th June 2016, 10.30am
    • Decklists will be revealed on the day itself


  • Gameplay
    • A match must start within five minutes once both players are ready; the offending player will be given a match loss.
    • A player will be given a match win if his opponent is late by five minutes, and a round win if his opponent is late by 20 minutes.
    • Players can only have one deck for every selected class during the tournament. Players may request for a check of their opponents’ decklists if they deem that they have made changes to them. (Crossed out decks are exempted.)
    • All decks will be revealed in a spreadsheet with Imgur links. Players are to verify for themselves their opponents are playing the correct decks and classes. Link to the spreadsheet will be announced after registration closes.
    • If players begin a match with a deck that they are not allowed to use, they will lose that match.
    • Players caught using any form of assistance (e.g. Paper and pen, and deck trackers) will be disqualified.
  • Tie
    • The match will be replayed with the same classes.
  • Sportsmanship
    • Any racist or insulting comments will result in a match loss.
  • Disconnection
    • A rematch will be conducted if there is a disconnection (unless lethal is guaranteed or the match is conceded by either player); we encourage sportsmanship.

Series Rules

  • Best-of-5 (first to three wins).
  • Players are expected to verify for themselves that their opponent is playing one of their submitted decks. In the event that your opponent is not playing any of their selected classes, do call a marshal to arbitrate.
  • The winning player will use a different class – once a class has won, it is no longer playable for the rest of the series. The losing player can continue to use any class that has not yet won in the series.
  • After each series, inform the group marshal (with your opponent) of the results
  • Alternatively, self-update the results through Battlefy.
Players can report their own score.
Team Abyssus Hearthstone Workshop
  1. Top Hearthstone Players from Abyssus and other teams offer their coaching services free of charge.
  2. Get to know some of the best players in the region as well as improve your play
  3. Find scrimming partners and practice for the upcoming tournaments

Notable Coaches

  • heisnotaxel (2016 HCT - Asia-Pacific Spring Champientative)
  • ThePandorica (Singapore's youngest Legend player and Freeze Mage extraordinaire)
  • xNVx
  • Sequinox

Prize Pool

         -1 Days 3 Hours 1 Minutes 1 Seconds to Campus Game Fest 2017