EndGods Amateur League III Finals


The - Amateur League III Finals - is coming to Campus Game Fest!

The third ever EndGods Amateur League will begin on 12 May. Fight in the Amateur League, the arena for all budding new EndGods gladiators as they compete to be the highest ranked 16 on the leaderboard. These 16 selected players will compete at the Campus Game Fest 2016 for a prize pool of $1,000. What are you waiting for? Get into the game today!

The Amateur League is a game mode meant for players who are new to EndGods to start playing in a healthy and competitive environment. All heroes are unlocked to give them a taste of what pvp tournaments are like. It is a stepping stone for players to enter into the League of Gods, the premier tournament for EndGods.

EndGods is an online real time action strategy genre that pits players in one on one battles of wit and skill. Choose up to 8 heroes of your choice and send them onto the battlefield. With their various abilities, they will push your enemies back to their base and destroy it.

EndGods is all about the competitive community, they want to grow a community of gamers that has fun by seriously engaging in competition. This sense of rivalry among players, to constantly improve themselves is something that they want to promote.

The inaugural League of Gods Finals was held on 21st November 2015, attracting players from all over the region to compete for a $30,000 prize pool. After the dust settled at Colosseum at Bugis+, Wong Jeng Yih a.k.a. NutZ took away the grand prize of $10,000 as the very first EndGods League of Gods Champion.

Sparkjumpers is looking to grow more Champions worthy of taking home that coveted League of Gods prize money and the Amateur League is where it all begins. Come on down for the Amateur League III Finals, we'll see you there!

Prize Pool

1st Place

  • S$350

2nd Place

  • S$200

3rd Place

  • S$150

4th Place

  • S$100

5th to 8th Place

  • S$50


         -186 Days 8 Hours 56 Minutes 49 Seconds to Campus Game Fest 2017