League of Legends Showdown – Asterisk vs Girlaxy

Saturday, 25th June, at 4PM SGT, live at Campus Game Fest 2016, and on https://www.twitch.tv/campusgamefest




A long-standing team with years of competitive e-sports under their belt, seasoned competitive players in their lineup, and mentors who are veterans in the e-sports scene, have known to be one of the toughest girls teams around and a force to be reckoned with.



With an influx of new members last November, and the recent reform of our LoL division, they have a renewed motivation to break into the competitive scene.





Fav champs: Jhin, Lulu, Ezreal

Lustreless is trying her best to adapt to her new role and has been showing consistent results by losing in smite battles at the Dragon and Baron. In her opinion, every champion in League of Legends is OP since all of them have destroyed her in the jungle. If you ever meet her in AI, please turn off your League client immediately and take 3 days to cleanse your eyes after which.



Fav champs: Malphite, Poppy, Gangplank

Sisters with Apollonia, Kiss may seem outspoken on first impression, but you will discover a reserved yet intellectual side to her when you get to know her better. Aside from gaming, she enjoys spending quiet time alone reading and listening to music, and aspires to be a Chiropractor in the future.



Fav champs: Zed, Warwick, Yorick

Auvielle will proceed to feed every game and has not failed to go 0­5 in laning phase alone, thus providing a challenge for her fellow teammates (not that they don’t have enough on their hands already). She can only play 2 out of 131 champions in this game, which consists of Sona and Janna. If you ever meet her in solo queue, please dodge your game before it is too late to turn back.



Fav champs: Skarner, Lee Sin, Jhin

The older sister of Kiss, Apollonia is outspoken and what one would call a natural entertainer. Her flair for dramatic expressions and humorous banter never fails to liven the mood of a party. A artist in many ways, she is also a skilled cartoon artist and the go-to makeup guru for the girls.



Fav champs: Swain, Ahri, Katarina

The newest recruit of the team, Candleburn is currently doing her degree at SIM University. Despite her shy and awkward personality when it comes to meeting new people, there is a hidden competitive streak in her that may surprise them. Her free time will be spent mostly on drawing and singing.



Fav champs: Ahri, Kindred, Aurelion

A empathetic and soft-spoken lady, Aphrodite has a weakness for animals and can be found championing causes against animal cruelty. However, do not let her demure smile and elegant aura fool you. On the game battlefied, Aphrodite’s thirst for blood will shrivel the guts of the bravest of summoners. If you see her in the Fields of Justice, be warned.



Fav champs: Ezreal, Jinx, Lucian

Aya gives life to a hearty atmosphere which is imbued with cheerfulness and it compliments her outgoing personality of enjoying being around people. Aside from gaming, her hobbies include Singing and Cosplaying. She is also an avid performer on stage and has taken part in competitions since 2010. A notable competition would be the World Cosplay Summit in 2012, where she achieved runner­up at international level. In difficult times, her resilient and ‘never give up’ attitude propels her to steer in the right direction.



Fav champs: Heimerdinger, Twitch, Teemo

The vice-captain of Girlaxy, Mirth is usually caught up with taking care of the welfare of the team. From baking sweet treats for the girls during cohesion and training, to planning birthday celebrations, or guiding new members, her caring nature often relates to her being named the ‘Mother’ of the team.



Fav champs: Vayne, Ryze, Leesin

A happy­go­lucky person, Claria spends most of her time playing computer games. She enjoys listening to Chinese music best and is an easily contented individual. One interesting fact that many may not know is that Claria and Auvielle are the newest neighbours in town, living just 2 stories away from each other!



Fav champs: Kalista, Thresh, Braum

Mestys may be the youngest in the team, but definitely does not need to be babysat. A aspiring game designer and a gamer that constantly seeks ways to improve herself, she has constantly proved to be independent and hardworking. In-game, her chatty nature and squeals of excitement bring a bout of laughter even to the toughest of challengers.

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