League of Legends Showdown – Asterisk vs Girlaxy

Catch them Live at Campus Game Fest 2017, and on https://www.twitch.tv/campusgamefest

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A long-standing team with years of competitive e-sports under their belt, seasoned competitive players in their lineup, and mentors who are veterans in the e-sports scene, have known to be one of the toughest girls teams around and a force to be reckoned with.


With an influx of new members last November, and the recent reform of our LoL division, they have a renewed motivation to break into the competitive scene.




Fav champs: Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, Shaco

Consistency is key- This is Lustreless' phrase to live by. Never failing to let her team down, she is still managing to find a way to miss her smite constantly and therefore will be forcing her top laner to play Cho Gath every game to secure objectives. A notable achievement for her will be being executed by every single jungle camp in the game thus far. However, the future of Season 8 looks optimistic for Team Asterisk with the opportunity for all 5 players to change their summoner spells to Smite for their dear jungler!


Fav champs: Malphite, Ornn, Urgot

Kiss maybe seem outspoken on the first impression, but you will discover a reserved yet intellectual side to her when you get to know her better. But once she decides to be funny, she can easily be the funniest person in the group with her unexpected humour. Aside from gaming, she enjoys spending quiet time alone reading and listening to music. She is currently studying a diploma in Chemical Engineering at Temasek Polytechnic because of her love for Chemistry!


Fav champs: Syndra, Yasuo, Zed

It has been a year since the last show-match, and not many things have changed for Asterisk's mid laner, Auvielle. Still feeding every game, she has decided that her mission now is to hit a double-digit count for her deaths. On the bright side, her champion pool has expanded to an extensive amount of 3 champions! This will include Sona, Janna and Soraka. And yes, you should still dodge if you were to meet her in the mysterious and dangerous place full of Platinums.


Fav champs: Skarner, Lee Sin, Cho'Gath

Older sister of Kiss, Apollonia is outspoken and what one would call a natural entertainer. She is also the Captain or many call her the mother of Girlaxy, taking care of her “little dumplings” while enforcing strict discipline in the team. Taking away the hard shell, her flair for dramatic expressions and humorous banter never fails to liven the mood of a party. An artist in many ways, she’s a skilled cartoon artist, art teacher, event organizer and an emcee, she mixes and matches all her skillsets to create something refreshing to her audiences. 


Fav champs: Blitzcrank, Karma, Lulu

The newest addition to the team, Charis is the youngest in the Asterisk team! At the age of 17, she has been proving herself on the leaderboards by peaking at Challenger this season. She has also displayed her proficiency and flexibility in other roles, especially in the marksman and the mid lane roles. Alongside with Jolene 'Lustreless' Poh, many people have deemed them as the Poh sisters. Till this day, we are not exactly sure whether that is a good or bad thing to be known as.


Fav champs: Vladimir, Syndra, Orianna

Many who have followed her stream would know she has great passion for mandarin songs. Her speciality includes taking your mood really low with her emotional songs stealing teammate’s CS despite receiving countless of internal complaints. But, #worth. She also a foodie who enjoys hunting down the great local food, making her the best person to decide dinner plans after team practice.


Fav champs: Aniva, Mordekaiser, Teemo

Aya gives life to a hearty atmosphere which is imbued with cheerfulness and it compliments her outgoing personality of enjoying being around people. Aside from gaming, her hobbies include Singing and Cosplaying. She is also an avid performer on stage and has taken part in competitions since 2010. A notable competition would be the World Cosplay Summit in 2012, where she achieved runner­up at international level. In difficult times, her resilient and ‘never give up’ attitude propels her to steer in the right direction.


Fav champs: Bard, Janna, Lulu

Graduated with a Bachelor in Communications with distinction, Kim’s greatest strength is in video production. She used to work as an on-air promotion producer at MediaCorp. Understanding the professional side of her, what people don’t see is the crazy side of her dancing to odd funky music and her motherly side which commonly mistaken as the aunty power.


Fav champs: Vayne, Ryze, Lee Sin

A happy­-go-­lucky person, Claria spends most of her time playing computer games. She enjoys listening to Chinese music best and is an easily contented individual. Some of her teammates may have noticed that Jeslyn tends to laugh as creepily as one of her favourite support champions, Lulu.


Fav champs: Lulu, Nami, Braum

Being a Burmese studying in Singapore, Kivs can easily be one of the most out-going person you'll ever meet. Apart from her cheerful personality, she possesses a creative side leading her to purse design in LASALLE College of the Arts. Aside from gaming, she has a strong passion for ice skating. 


Fav champs: Fiora

Friendly Shasha has been a Fiora one-trick since season 4 and a master of  一秒5刀(1 second 5 hit) before her favourite champion was reworked. Just like her IGN, she is a very friendly person and she likes being addressed as Sha Sha. Her hobbies are sleeping and playing Fiora.


Fav champs: Jinx, Kog'Maw, Miss Fortune

Born a half Hong Konger and Japanese stuck here in Singapore, Mika spend a great deal of her youth studying locally. She’s fluent in 4 different languages making her job as a part-time student tour guide easy. She likes MMORPGs, JPOP and Chicken McNuggets®. She doesn't tilt but she is tilting to play with. As of right now, she's studying finance and looking to peruse her degree.

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