Introducing the Casters of CPL Dota2 Championship!


Campus Game Fest has invited 3 talented local casters to shoutcast the exciting matches for the CPL Dota2 Championship! The 3 casters will be on rotating shifts throughout all 3 days, be sure to give them support and encouragement!

I’m Shawn Ang, otherwise known as ShawnSnappy, I am a student in Singapore Polytechnic and I have been casting for about close to half a year now. I played regular sports like soccer and more until I started playing Dota 2 and have been involved with eSports ever since. I have only played Dota for 1.5 years but really enjoy what I am doing especially casting. I started casting in JoinDota League and slowly expanded to cast a little in Corsair Gaming Arena and Gigabyte challenge. Now I’m regularly casting local games like the Gamers Converge Rookie Cup and hopefully more in the future.

Hello, I am Jun Wei and I once played 13 games of Dota in a day. As I have work commitments I prefer to do casting whenever I have the time and inclination to do so. This will be my first time in a long time casting live, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I hope I will be able to give the audience a fun and exciting experience at Campus Game Fest! I have experience casting for the Flash Dota2 League, Asterisk Amateur Cup and many others!

Hi, my name is Sean ‘Hades’ Goh. I’ve been casting a bit over a year and a half now. I started getting into casting after watching Tobiwan and Godz cast live in Singapore. My dream is to one day cast at The International and other LAN events. My casting journey started out in the Female Dota 2 SEA League and from then on I did other tournaments such as the OK – Dota 2014 qualifiers and Major All Stars. Recently I’ve been fortunate to cast with Beyond the Summit in big tournaments such as I-League, MarsDotaTV League and ECL 2015 The Spring.nolvadex reviews


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