Interview with HQ NCC Teacher, Melissa


Welcome to Campus Game Fest, tell us more about who you are and when did you first know about “Guardians of the City” (GOTC)?

I am working at Headquarters, National Cadet Corps (NCC) as the Head, Information Management. I first got to know about GOTC from Nexus (MINDEF) when they were developing a card game for Secondary school students.

As an educator, how do you think the GOTC has helped your students/ cadets to better understand Total Defence?

It helps NCC cadets have a better understanding of our 5 pillars of defence and how it is necessary to maintain a good balance of all 5 pillars to ensure the stability of the country. Their “resources” are limited, and hence they have to decide how they want to allocate their National Effort points across the pillars (it can never be equal!). The game also allows them to see how taking out terror threats may incur trade-offs such as citizen groups leaving country.

Could you share with us any feedback from your students/cadets after playing GOTC?

NCC cadets may not understand the intent behind the game or fully benefit from it if they don’t read out the flavour text on the cards. While, it would be highly beneficial to read out the texts to all players, it doubles the time needed for gameplay. Having a short reflection after the game is important as well for the facilitator, a Teacher Officer or Cadet Officer, to bring across key learning points to participants.

Any advice for the participants taking part in this year’s GOTC tournament?

Consider coming up with a strategy with your teammates! Don’t just play where the cards take you!buy Bentyl online


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