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Gaming has evolved extensively over the years. For many of those who remember, video games were seen as “just a game” by the older generations; engaging in them is a waste of time as they distract us from reality and divert us from the “right path” of pursuing proper careers. Yet, over the generations, many have proven and achieved what others could not in the field of gaming – turning their hobbies into a profession, a career that communities around the world support. Gaming these days is becoming part of a holistic lifestyle that people enjoy, beyond treating it as mere leisure, a hobby and an activity to relief stress. Gaming allows for educational, bonding sessions, developing in gamers’ critical life skills like teamwork, leadership, strategic thinking and more.

Evolving along with the shifting landscape and changing perceptions, developers are creating more games using modern technology – making them mobile-friendly and increasing the quality of audio and visual features. Therefore, there are many more who are willing to invest more of their time and money in gaming, instead of treating it as “just a game”, thus creating the opportunity for designers and engineers to improve their products to suit consumers’ needs for better audio quality. One such brand is Creative, which offers a wide variety of products that fall into the categories of both lifestyle and gaming.

For those who may or may not know, Creative has been around for years, constantly improving its products as technology evolves to enhance the audio quality to suit consumers’ needs. Aside from its lifestyle products, which comprise of the latest Creative Woof 3 speakers that offer a Bluetooth wireless audio option with a feature that supports MicroSD card playback and a built-in microphone for calls, the company also offers gaming products specially crafted by their engineers, such as the Sound BlasterX H7 gaming headset, which combines comfort and durability, as well as optimises high-definition digital audio for gaming.

With products like those aforementioned made available in the market by Creative and similar brands and companies, gaming has already become part of a lifestyle. This will continue to evolve as time goes on – the gaming field will grow into an entertainment and education industry, benefiting not only gamers who invest their time and money in the activity, but also nurturing future generations heading in this direction.

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