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Many will reminisce about snacking or even having their meals while gaming during the 90s. Those were the days when games ran on MS DOS and consoles like the Sega Saturn. While games and technology were not that advanced, those who went through that period definitely had their share of fun; with one of the most enjoyable part of the process being chewing on candies. One candy in particular has been around the local market long enough to be considered ‘traditional’ – the White Rabbit Creamy Candy.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy is made out of milk powder imported from Australia. It was advertised frequently in an advertisement that showed seven pieces of the candies in a glass of hot water turning into a glass of milk. Interestingly, when White Rabbit Creamy Candy was introduced into the local market 30 years back, the candies were melting due to the humidity of tropical Singapore. Additional boxing was their only option of preventing the candies from melting until their innovation of the edible rice paper. The rice paper was created to hold the shape of the White Rabbit candies as well as to prevent it from sticking onto the wrapper.

Transformed from loose individual pieces of candies to packaged candies sold by distributors, White Rabbit Creamy Candy is bought by many consumers for house guest, especially during Chinese New Year. Even in this present day, White Rabbit Creamy Candy still brings back a lot of wonderful memories of childhood times, for many whom have already become parents. White Rabbit Creamy Candy was even used by a local chef a few years ago to create a dessert recipe out of the melted candies, turning it into a fondue. They had also held a competition where participants were to create a rabbit out of the sweet wrappers.


Aside from that, with the introduction of new flavours these recent years, White Rabbit Creamy Candy is starting to attract more consumers from the younger generation. These new flavours includes, but are not limited to chocolate, red bean and matcha.

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