Community Feature: The Mirage Island


Welcome back to CGF! Please introduce yourself to our new participants and audience.

We are The Mirage Island, a Pokemon community in Singapore that specializes in Pokemon Video Game Competitive Gaming.

Why did you decide to return to Campus Game Fest 2016?

Campus Game Fest is our premier choice of venue as it provides we community a great flexibility and opportunity to showcase our Community and the games we love. It is a perfect event for any gamers to come down to experience new games and new community.

What are your plans for Campus Game Fest 2016?

Aside from side events targeted at casual gamers and visitors, we are hosting the prestigious Pokemon Video Game National Championships; where top players can earn a free ticket and hotel accommodation with blessings from The Pokemon Company International; right at the heart of the Campus Game Fest!

What are your hopes and aspirations for eSports in Singapore?

We hope that eSports can be more recognized in a positive way. We hope Esports can get similar footing with current sports or other games like International Chess in Singapore.


Campus Game Fest, the best place to hang out with gaming communities! Be sure to visit us there!


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