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The second instalment of the Community Feature segment will feature Team Robo, the Pokemon experts of Singapore! They will be hosting a Pokemon XY tournament in the VGC format at Campus Game Fest.


logo_transparent-01Tournament Name: 2014 Elite Four Challenge

Organizer: Team Robo Video Games

Registration: Free!

Format: VGC Doubles

Registration Link

Information for competitors for the 2014 Elite Four Challenge 

Rulings for the 2014 Elite Four Challenge 

Here we have Soon “Soon” Aik Ng, who has  been in the Pokemon Video Games & TCG scene for as long as anyone can remember.

1)Hello Soon! Please introduce yourself and Team Robo!
I am currently a Pokemon Tournament Organizer and one of the Community leaders. I am also an appointed Official Premier Tournament Organizer for Pokemon Trading Card Game. Thus, other than organizing official Pokemon TCG tournament, I also organize non-official larger scale Pokemon Video Game Event.The last Video Game Tournament I have organized in the Pokemon Asia Cup series of Tournaments.

The unification of our Singapore Pokemon Video Game community started when Maxsoft PTE LTD, the distributor of Nintendo Games and Hardware, organized a Pokemon Elite 4 Video Game Challenge back in June 2010.  Since then, we have been using social media to unite and welcome more players to join our Pokemon Community;  Team Robo (Team Robo Video Games)

2)What makes your community special? 
We have bi-weekly video game meet ups to exchange; meet up; engage and participate in Pokemon Video Game Tournament. I strive our group to adhere to the rules and regulation of Fair Pokemon Game Play, make up one of the most organized and structured community in Singapore that upholds the spirits of the Game The Pokemon Company International (TPCi) intended to.
As we have experienced community leaders and Players who participated Pokemon World Championships (LCQ) in our group;You will never find another Pokemon Community that is as well organized and special as us!
3)What made you guys want to step out and grow the community?
It was a really simple idea back then. There are Pokemon Community scattered around in Singapore; playing among their own group. As I knew that Official Pokemon Video Games Tournament from TPC (Japan) or TPCi is not going to arrive on Singapore anytime soon; I have decided; why not make our own meet ups similar to official Pokemon TCG Leagues, and organize tournaments where people could have fun with.
Thereafter, we have frequent meet-ups and on-going non-official large scale tournament running now and then; uniting the existing community while attracting new players and members joining us!
4)What do you think should happen more for the community to flourish?
We are trying hard to gain some recognition from the Pokemon officials that we deserve to have official events. With more marketing and outreach, I am sure more people will be spending more time playing this awesome video game, don’t you think so?
5)What do you have in store for Campus Game Fest 2014?
We are still in preparation for the tournament. Exclusive and commemorative prizes are to be won in the event. Stay tuned!
6)Any last shout outs?
Getting bored with your ever-lasting winning streak over the Wifi Battles; make your way down to Campus Game Fest 2014, the Pokemon Video Game Tournament organized by Team Robo Video Games, where you will meet the Singapore Best Players.


Register for the Community Activities at and support your own community by coming down to Campus Game Fest!
(A free e-ticket is needed for entry to Campus Game Fest. Simply click the “Sign Up Now!” button at the top right hand corner of the page to register!)generic nolvadex


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