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Welcome to Campus Game Fest! Please introduce yourself to everyone!

My name is Russell but I go by russ. I am a super smash brothers melee player and part of the organising team at SmashG.

Hello, my name is Nicholas but people call me Thian in the community. I play super smash bros melee as well as super smash bros for Wii u aka smash 4 on a competitive level. I’m also part of the admin team in SmashG

What is your community all about?

SmashG is the competitive scene for super smash brothers in Singapore. We started out back in December of 2014 and mostly play smash 4, the latest iteration of the game as well as melee, the second version that came out in 2001.

SmashG is the name of our smash community. We have SmashFests organised every month for players in our community to meet up and play, as well as for any new and coming players to come and join our community. We are considered very new as compared to other smash
communities in other countries and we started growing a lot more when Super Smash Brothers for Wii U got released. Despite the new community, we have successfully organised several tournaments, some in major events such as Campus Game Fest and Gamestart Asia. Not only that, international players have also visited our community and joined our campus as well!

How did SmashG come about and where do you hope to see yourselves in the near future?

It all started when David (Locke, insane samus player) came down to visit Singapore for a few months. He found me on reddit asking if anyone in Singapore plays melee and decided to contact me. A few weeks later in Singapore, he managed to find ninty’s smash 4 group and held Singapore’s first public smashfest. There I met Jonne, Alex and Darryl. And that’s how smashg started.
We hope to make our mark on the region, where people from south east asia or even further than that like Europe or the states come down to Singapore just to take part in our tournament.

What are your plans for Campus Game Fest 2016?

We plan to host a melee and smash 4 tournament and might get some visitors from neighbouring countries like Australia, Malaysia and Thailand coming down to compete. Personally, I plan to perform better for this tournament. Hopefully get to top 4. It’s unlikely given
that melee players are flying in. But who knows!

For campus game fest 2016, we hope to organise a tournament with no major setbacks but more importantly, to attract more people to this amazing game of Super Smash Bros. To show everyone attending how great this game is at a competitive level so we can more players would
be interested and help our community grow, maybe even one day be a very strong region in the world.


Big shoutout to Campus Game Fest for allowing us to hold a tournament at the event not only last year but this year as well. Also shoutouts to all our previous partners/sponsors we have worked with for our tournaments, Versus City, SmashAsia, AftershockPC, Zepy Games as well
as the Singapore Pokemon Community The Mirage Island. We are really thankful for their help and support all these time! Lastly, shoutout to the SmashG community for being supportive and i hope that we continue to grow stronger and bigger in years to come!


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