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Welcome to Campus Game Fest! Please introduce yourself to everyone!

Hi everyone! We are from SG CardMart and our favourite game is the Yu-Gi-Oh! (YGO) Trading Card Game! We have been around for over 5 years and we focus on playing this game which has over 20 years of history! Check out our website at!

What is your community all about?

The YGO community has many players locally who enjoy spending weekends playing the game! We are friendly and always willing to teach new players the perks and tricks of the game.

This game allows many interactions with players nation-wide and we also organise annual championship events in which the champion will be able to represent Singapore overseas in major events! Many of us have overseas friends who also enjoy this game!

How did SG CardMart come about and where do you hope to see yourselves in the near future?

We started as a few good friends with a strong passion for trading card games. We got together and started organising activities for the community, giving everyone more opportunities to play the game. We now handle events official for Yu-Gi-Oh! in Singapore, even including qualifiers for the Asia Championships! In the future, we hope to have more members join our community and let everyone have a chance to play this fantastic game!

What are your plans for Campus Game Fest 2016?

We will have demo areas for everyone who would like to try out YGO! There will also be tournaments for both veterans and new players alike to come together to play and interact with each other, so join us at our booth!


We have a facebook group named Singapore Yu-Gi-Oh! Its open for everyone to join and we like to discuss about the game there, so do join us there! Here is the link for you~

Also for more news and information, head to Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition Singapore! Link here as well!


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