Team Vestigial – Learning Through Gaming

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Play - Learn - Repeat

Gamers are extremely apt at utilizing iteration as a learning tool to help them experiment and improve upon their own gameplay. This workshop explores how gamers repeatedly test structures and ideas, using small changes to achieve big effects. The workshop will engage players in a hands on gaming experience under the guidance of his coaching to help refine and optimize the way players learn from playing games over a four hour period where teams will play, analyse and learn.

Conducted by shoutcaster and 3 time TLC finalist coach Jensen 'Jstorm' Goh, he will bring his methodology in the application of such methods in coaching the players, and through his experience help players transfer these learning skills over to uses in school and life.

Dates: Friday 24th June 2016
Time: 6pm to 10pm daily

Friday 24th June 2016

6:00 PM - Briefing and goal setting
6:30 PM - First game
7:15 PM - Post game review 1
7:30 PM - Second game
8:15 PM - Post game review 2
8:30 PM - Third game
9:15 PM - Post game review 3
9:30 PM - Debrief + Feedback

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