Campus Game Fest 2017 is back!


It’s a thrilling moment to announce that Campus Game Fest is officially back again for another year, on the 18th and 19th of November 2017! Embracing the new shift in technology, this year we are launching our first-ever Mobile LAN Party and a new EDM segment for music lovers.

So here’s what to expect:
Mobile LAN Party LogoJust Play! Mobile LAN Party
It’s the first time ever that Campus Game Fest is holding a Mobile LAN Party and registration for this year will be FREE! Yes, you saw that right. So be sure to register your seats as it is only limited to the first 1000 participants. Get yourself equip with all your flashy mobile phones, tablets, notebooks & laptops now and be ready for this exciting new segment!

EDM Esports Logo
EDM Meets ESports
How is EDM awesome without your favourite local DJs?!?! This year we have a local DJ coming to perform in our dance party.

identifier_CPL_2016_FA_Cyberathlete Arena (W)

Official Esports Tournaments
Keep a look out and stay tune for the CPL tournaments that will happen in CGF yearly. There will be PC & mobile titles which will be further announced soon!

Community Events and Gathering
What is Campus Game Fest without community right? We are making calls for ideas from you, the community, to run activities for your game community. Drop us an email and tell us what you would like to do in CGF.

LoL Girls LogoLoL Girls Showdown
If you are a fan of the girls’ team and an active player of League of Legend, be sure to catch this intensive showdown of LoL at Campus Game Fest!Bentyl reviews


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