10 Online Games We Used to Play as a Kid


Here are some of the games that we used to play in the late 90’s and early 00’s in Singapore. Did you play these in your day too?

Singaporeans are pretty blessed in the sense that we have very impressive internet connectivity in comparison to the rest of the world. In fact, we are currently ranked second in download speeds according to OOKLA’s NetIndex website.

We were also one of the pioneers of the world to upgrade ourselves from dial-up connection to broadband. Gone were the nightmarish days where your gaming was interrupted by someone in the household picking up a call!


1. Neopets



Every cool primary school kid back in the days knew about this game. The ease of access meant that you could even play this game during computer lab lessons in school. Some people were battleground fanatics, collecting codestones and weapons to strengthen their pets in the arena. Others were just there for playing the addicting flash games in the Games Room. No matter what you focused on though, you were sure to have your daily spin of the Faeries’ Wheel.

2. Gunbound



One of the first non-browser games to take Singapore by storm. The game was hugely popular among students and was commonly the hot topic amongst boys in class. The cutesy graphics and superb soundtrack, along with the array of unique mobiles got many of us hooked for a long time. The best part of the game was randoming a mobile and getting the Dragon/Knight!

3. MapleStory



This game was immensely popular among kids, teenagers and even young adults. The flashy attacks and character customization coupled with cute character models and monsters drew in the boys and girls alike It had such a huge following that it was common to see people selling in-game currency, items and even accounts in the bazaar portion of Strait Times Classified every Sunday. The game still holds many active Singaporeans, with constant patches and new implementations despite being brought in 9 years ago.

4. O2Jam




One of the first of its genre, the novelty of O2Jam brought in many players. Its success was not long-lived though, as Audition quickly knocked it out of its niche spot. A small dedicated group of players remained faithful to the game though, until the publisher shut the game down in 2008.

5. Audition



Following the success of 02Jam, Asiasoft imported Audition here. An immense hit with teenagers, the game was frequently played in cybercafés island wide. Teenagers playing Audition in cybercafes were a common sight. The game still holds a strong player base currently, with Season 4 being launched just recently.

6. BattleOn



Being flash based, players with weaker computers were able to run this game. It died out after some time as it lost its flavor after experiencing too many exploits. It did not help that the developers were also starting to focus more resources on their new game.

7. CounterStrike



A cacophony of firing machine guns and exploding grenades from CounterStrike commonly filled cybercafés, and was a staple game in most of them. The game is still commonly played, although it is mostly played as the reincarnated versions like CS:GO, unlike the CS1.6 we used to play.

8. Pangya



A unique game with a unique genre, this game attracted the likes of many teenagers. The freedom to customize your avatar and gameplay perks kept many players in the game. The satisfaction of getting the “PANGYA!!” pop out when you score a hole-in-one was simply irresistible.

9. Gunz Online



A shooter that revolutionized the shooter genre with a heavy emphasis in melee combat. The real gameplay only started when you knew how to learn the “Butterfly”; a complicated way of moving which involved switching your gun and sword in quick succession while performing dashes and blocks on every switch.

10. Warcraft 3 & DOTA



Of course, who could forget the game that brought the MOBA genre to such a height? DoTA, despite being merely a mod from Warcraft 3, surged in popularity after its release in 2003. It appealed to older teenagers due to its complexity and intricacies. The spirit of DoTA still survives till date, with the DoTA 2 reincarnation being hugely popular in Singapore.

There were a ton of other games, including but not limited to; Runescape, Cabal, Pirate King Online, Ragnarok, World of Warcraft, Rakion and Starcraft. The ones in this write up were the ones that we personally played more of. Which games were you hooked on back in the days? Let us know on our Facebook page!order Flomax


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