10 Must Bring Items to CGF Just Play! LAN Party



Did you know that Campus Game Fest (CGF) hosted one of the largest Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN party in Singapore? With more than 400 participants last year, Just Play! LAN party is back for its 4th year! As many might already know there are lots of activities on going with tons of prizes to be won. It is also a great opportunity to expand your gaming social circle and be part of the community. Apart from gaming, you will also grow your knowledge in computer-related skills and keeping yourself safe online. Tickets are already available at our website for registration, so book your seats now before it’s taken! For those who have decided to join us this June, do note an amenities kit and other utility tools like a power socket will be provided, so…what else do you need?

Look no further for the answers as we share with you tips on the ’10 Must Bring Items’ to a LAN party:

    1. Computers, Laptops or Gaming Console – What’s a BYOC LAN party without your personal computer, laptops or console? Make sure you have already completed your cleaning maintenance before bringing over as you wouldn’t want to show off a dust-infested CPU!
    2. Gaming gear – how can you game without your own gear! Always bring along your mouse, keyboard, console controllers and headset. Just remember to check and make sure that they are in good working condition. It will be awful to have a broken headset and having to spend so much time gaming without audio!
    3. Accessories – Mouse pad, laptop charger (definitely wouldn’t want the laptop shutting down when you are about to gg the other side..), laptop cooler (if your laptop heats up too much), and cable ties for the neat freaks!
    4. Toolkit – It should contain a screwdriver at the very least. A mini flashlight will come in really handy to search for your stuff in the dark. Wait.. did we say it may get really dark at some point?
    5. Extra clothes – With all the activities that we have planned, it will always be nice to have an extra shirt or bottoms handy even though you will receive a Limited Edition Just Play! T-Shirt in case of spilled drinks or food. You never know when those little accidents happen!
    6. Games – Be it in CDs, SD cards or Memory cards. Since this is the digital age, these may not be required if your games are already installed, updated and online.
    7. Drivers – This is only for those who have what most of us call antique computers.  Just saying. Bring your OS drivers in case of an epic breakdown. It’s no fun sulking in the corner when your computer OS is not working.
    8. Food or Money – Please bring your own snacks and money to purchase meals as we are not looking for starving gamers.
    9. Mobile devices or Camera – Why not? Besides bonding and gaming, share it with your social networks, make your friends envious of your fun-filled experience and show them what they’ve missed!
    10. Yourself – It’s no staying at home when your sister has brought your laptop or PC to Just Play! So start making your preparations now!

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