Community Titles Announced!

CGF is proud to be collaborating with Insidious Gaming (iSg), Team Robo, the Kickers Clan, Epic Gaming Television (EGTV) and the Dance Central Community to bring you exciting community activities! These tournaments will take place in CGF itself on 27-29 June, so be sure to come down even if you’re not participating! Venue of CGF; ITE

6 Types of People You See at Gaming Festivals

With CGF approaching in 2 month’s time, we can’t help wondering the types of people we’ll be meeting there… The Competitors These guys are at the top of their games and have their eyes set on the trophies. Their huge backpacks usually contain their gaming keyboards, mice and mousepads.  You’ll see them mostly around the

Just Play! Floodgates Are Open!

 Early Bird Discount only for the month of April! Registration for Just Play! will begin as of now (7Apr) Sign up within the month of April and get $10 off the normal price of $79/$89/$99. Choose your tier now! (For media enquiries, contact Mr Ric Neo at

5 Prominent Singaporean eSports Figures

A highlight on Singapore’s eSports players Singapore may have a small population, but we have our fair share of representation on the international eSports stage. Here are some of the gamers that have recently made a splash in the international scene.   Benedict “hyhy” Lim Han Yong One of the three stars in Valve’s newly

10 Online Games We Used to Play as a Kid

Singaporeans are pretty blessed in the sense that we have very impressive internet connectivity in comparison to the rest of the world. In fact, we are currently ranked second in download speeds according to OOKLA’s NetIndex website. We were also one of the pioneers of the world to upgrade ourselves from dial-up connection to broadband.

7 Things You Could Miss Out At CGF Just Play!

50% LAN Party, 50% Camping… 100% Gaming Fun Did you know that the Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC) culture is actually very popular in Sweden? You probably have heard of DreamHack, one of the biggest BYOC affairs conducted yearly. We will be having Just Play!, a BYOC event in Campus Game Fest 2014 this year. You really shouldn’t

Campus Game Fest 2014 Is Official!

We are proud to announce that Campus Game Fest 2014 will take place on 27-29 June this year! It will be even more exciting than our successful one held last year in October with an attendance of 10,521, with new implementations and more exciting events about to take place. Here are highlights on what to
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